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Stella Maris Estate, founded in 1963, is Long Island’s premier vacation and residential destination. Occupying some 3,000 acres of what was once Adderley’s Plantation, it lies wedged between the rolling hills of the Atlantic shore and the turquoise shallows of the Exuma Bank. Stella Maris is a harmonically growing and still small town with around 150 private homes, various low-key businesses and the long-established Stella Maris Resort Club, Marina, and Airport. It is ideal for sun and sea vacationing and residing.

Stella Maris Bahamas Properties is the local real estate service, which introduced and continually improves its vacation and residential programs and facilities. Run by the Stella Maris’ owner-family group, it is now in its fifth decade and second generation. ‘SMBP’ specifically serves any, mostly Stella Maris-concentrated, lot and private home re-sales.

Stella Maris and  indeed the entire island differ from most other Bahamian lands due to their surprising topography. Unusually hilly along the eastern half, this results in breathtaking vistas, full enjoyment of the trade breezes and, last but  not least, absolutely no concern over any high-water property risks. The highest elevation can be found right here in Stella Maris, at “Breezy Hill”, lying 230 feet above the ocean. The narrowness and length of Long Island keeps everything that makes these isles so enjoyable within easy reach. Any shore is nearby, as is any beach, any cove, and any rocky fishing outcropping. From almost anywhere one can hear the waves, smell the ocean, and take in the fantastic hues of the deep blue Atlantic, contrasting with the emerald greens of the leeside Exuma Bank.